Touta redefines the indispensable basic of every women’s wardrobe. Perfect for the day, at work, a night out, or a relaxing vacation.

She started the brand  in her little apartment designing and sewing clothing.  Touta is an  American classic fashion brand. Touta has grown from its origins as a single bespoke dressmaker to what it is today, all the clothes are made here in the U.S, the brand was created and strives to bring  quality goods handmade, in limited quantities. Touta’s designs are not only timeless and classic, the designer incorporates her brand of authenticity touch and craftsmanship that adds to the genuineness of every piece. Touta has extensive experience in apparel design.Her years of experience and commitment is evident in all her peices. Touta promotes a classic aesthetic that is not a rebellion to modern style but an enhancement for classic styles. The ability to take classic styles and convey them in our modern day market.It’s a desire to promote genuine and authentic designs and to move away from the “fast fashion” that has permeated the entire market.Quality at a fair and affordable price is our motto..

Find your favorite style, try a color and create your new look – I invite you to add a little Touta excitement into your life!